Internet & Phone network

The Community Resource Centre offers wireless vouchers that can be used at most accommodation providers (Cocos Cottages, Cocos Beach Motel, The Breakers, Cocos Castaway, My Island Home), the Cocos Club, the Golf Donga, Salty's Airport Cafe, Saltmakers By The Sea, Trannies Beach, Yacht Club, Pondok Abang on Home Island (next to the Shire office) and at the main shelter on Direction Island.


1GB   $ 10.00 (Expires in 14 days)
5GB   $ 25.00 (Expires in 14 days)

*one device only

Will my mobile phone work on Cocos? - By enabling WiFi calling on your mobile phone, you may make and receive calls (provided you are connected to WiFi). If you experience issues with WiFi calling: Go to your settings, mobile, turn WiFi calling off and then back on again (you may need to do this as you reconnect to different hotspots located around the Island).

The CRC recommends disabling software updates or iCloud to reduce data use while you are on Cocos.


At times, Virgin Australia may arrive outside of opening hours. The Community Resource Centre are now able to offer the service of pre-booking, to ensure you ‘stay connected’ while on Island. Please contact the friendly staff for further information or bookings. They will happily arrange to have your items waiting in your accommodation at no extra charge.  Alternatively, WiFi vouchers can be purchased online outside of our opening hours using your credit card. Click on the link to purchase your WiFi


Cocos Keeling Islands Community Resource CentreP +61 (08) 9162 7707


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