Sailing to Cocos

Arriving by yacht


Please note, the Cocos Keeling Islands are currently under a state of emergency and as such no sailing vessels are allowed to enter the islands.  For all visitor arrivals to the island, please contact the local Australian Federal Police:


PH: 08 9162 6600


For most yachties Cocos is their last stop before sailing across the Indian Ocean towards the African continent. The Cocos Keeling Islands are a territory of Australia, Australian government visa documentation is required for arrival and will be inspected by the Australian Federal Police along with your valid passport. Australia has strict quarantine regulations with regards to fresh fruit and vegetables bought from overseas. Pets, firearms and certain drugs are also strictly regulated.


At least 96 hours prior to arrival on the Cocos Keeling Islands

* Contact Australian Customs of your intent to arrive in Australia


On approach to the Cocos Keeling Islands radio the police on Channel 20 announcing imminent arrival

* Drop anchor in the Direction Island vessel anchorage area

* Display yellow 'quarantine' flag

* Radio the police on Channel 20 indicating you are anchored

* Police will advise customs and quarantine procedures

* All passengers and crew must remain on board until police clearance has been granted

* The skipper will be requested to present yacht registration, details of passengers on board and last port clearance


Daily fee AUD$10.00
Weekly fee AUD$50.00


During your stay please ensure you adhere to the following guidelines

* Please minimise your use of the water in our rainwater tanks on Direction Island, it is a precious resource.

* Spearfishing, netting or rod fishing in 'The Rip' is strictly prohibited

* Please dispose of rubbish / trash as directed by the police to ensure fellow users can appreciated the same beauty

* Lighting a fire directly in-front of the main shelter is strictly prohibited, as children and adults frequent this area


For yachting services including laundry, fuel, mail forwarding, pre-ordered parts and equipment please contact Cocos Yachting Services.


P (08) 9162 6616 




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