Cocos Keeling Islands

Welcome to Paradise ......

Australia's last unspoilt paradise lies in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean offering spectacular snorkelling, world-class diving, excellent fishing and the adrenalin-rush of kitesurfing. Relax on empty beaches, visit uninhabited islands by canoe, watch spectacular birdlife or catch the ferry to Home Island to stay at the original Clunies-Ross residence and discover the culture and traditions of the Cocos Malay people.


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Situated 2750 kms northwest of Perth, Western Australia, and 900km from Christmas Island, the Cocos Keeling Islands are a group of coral islands that form two atolls. Only two of the 27 islands are inhabited - the rest are waiting for you to explore them.


Cocos Keeling Islands declared end of State of Emergency from 13th August 2022.


For information about travel into Western Australia from other states of Australia please refer to the Western Australian Government website.


As we continue to adjust to living with COVID, from 13 August 2022, the declared State of Emergency for the Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island will no longer be in effect. 


From 13 August, there will also be a scaling back of mask-wearing requirements, masks will now only be required to be worn when on public transport and at the health services on the Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island.


While masks are no longer mandated, we encourage everyone to make their own decisions based on individual risk and safety. 


These changes are based on the current COVID situation in the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) and Australia. 


Effective 1 August 2022, travellers to the IOTs are no longer required to complete an application and seek approval to travel to the IOT.


Travellers are strongly encouraged to undertake a rapid antigen test prior to their travel to the IOT, and again on the third day after arrival. Travellers are required to report any positive test result while on island to the IOT Health Services - (Cocos Keeling Islands: West Island 9162 6655, Home Island 9162 7609 and Christmas Island: 9164 8333). Travellers will no longer be required to provide evidence of negative tests to the Office of the Administrator. 


For further information

For travel queries please contact The Office of The Administrator

For the latest advice, information and resources pertaining to COVID-19 please visit the Australian Government Department of Health

The national Coronavirus Helpline operates 24 hours per day. Please call 1800 020 080

For Territory Controller Bulletins pertaining to IOT travel restrictions please visit Natasha Griggs, Administrator Christmas and Cocos Keeling Islands 

For most current COVID-19 information on IOT travel is available by clicking on this link 

For information enquiries relating to leisure travel bookings please contact



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