Home Island

Located across the lagoon and just a short ferry ride away from West Island, this unique part of the Cocos Keeling Islands is a must-see for visitors. Home of the Cocos Malay people, the island offers a complete contrast to West Island.


Visit the Home Island Visitor Centre & Museum and delve into the fascinating history of Cocos, you can read about the local culture and tradition, the abundant flora and fauna, Australian naval history, and the early owners of the Cocos Keeling Islands – The Clunies-Ross family. The museum is open Monday to Friday during Shire office hours, see the staff for a key.


Stroll through the calophyllum palm jungle up to Oceania House – Located on the southwest side of the island, once home to the Clunies-Ross family and now privately owned by local residents, take a tour or stay overnight for a historical experience you’ll never get anywhere else!


While you're on the island, check out the small shopping precinct where you can pick up groceries, fishing gear, hardware and souvenirs. Why not even buy a spike and husk a coconut for yourself!


Visit the picturesque cemetery located towards the north of the island, or picnic at the many pleasant shaded pondoks (shelters) along the shores and beaches of the island. Here you can also enjoy the amazing views of Prison Island and Direction Island. Bring your reef boots and take a short walk over to Prison Island on low tide.