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Direction Island The public ferry runs to Direction Island twice per week – on Thursday and Saturday – from West Island and Home Island.

There are eco toilet facilities, wood fired BBQs, walking trails and shaded pondoks on the island, but nothing else except sand and sea.

What to pack:

  • Plenty of food and drinking water
  • Reef shoes, flippers and snorkel if you plan to jump in the lagoon
  • Suncare, beach towels
Direction Island on Cocos Keeling Islands (2)

Direction Island Direction Island is home to a world famous rip, where you can spot amazing marine life of vivid fish, corals, reef sharkers, huge wrasse and parrot fish.

Be aware that it’s a natural rip, which can be fast flowing and dangerous. Please consider your snorkelling ability in deep water here and always wear swim fins. One of the best ways to see the rip is with a local skipper, who will pick you up after you’ve floated along.

Arriving on a Friday? The West Island supermarket closes at 3pm and reopens after the ferry to Direction Island departs on Saturday. It is also closed on Sunday. Make sure to head to the shop when you land if you need supplies!

direction island 2

It is rare, in this day and age, to come upon a place so delightful in both looks and temperament that, on the very first sighting, one’s jaw does genuinely drop.

Georgia Rickard Australian Traveller

If going with the flow is how you roll, you will love the Cocos Keeling Islands. They have a small – very small – country town vibe. Your activities revolve around the exquisite lagoon whether they be snorkelling, diving, fishing, parasailing, or just relaxing under a coconut palm reading a book while inhaling the frangipani infused air

Steve Klein Curious Campers

Scuba diving at Cocos Keeling islands is nothing short of spectacular. Fabulous visibility, pristine coral reefs, abundant marine life and all the trappings of a tropical paradise without the flashy resorts. Yes, it is isolated and it takes some effort to get there, but this is more than offset by the quality of the diving, the friendly locals and the very laid back and relaxing ambience of the entire place. It is quirky, fun and a great place for a holiday. We will return and soon

Phillip Tubb Melbourne

Don’t miss this place. My wife and I recently spent a fantastic week on Cocos Keeling Islands. We took the opportunity to take the twice weekly ferry service from West Island to Direction Island... we loved it so much we came back for a second time.

Mike G Joondalup

Home Island is definitely quieter than West Island with religion a big part of daily life but the locals were so friendly and welcoming. It was so nice to be able to swim straight off the shore in amazing turquoise water while we cooked BBQs at sunset. Highly recommended!